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Does your cat vomit more than normal? Your cat could have a sensitivity to corn. Zeetlegoo the cat (aka “The Barfmeister” and “Barf-a-Matic the Cat”) had this problem and switching her to a corn-free diet made the vomiting stop. We do not carry any dog or cat foods that contain corn.

Dave’s Pet Food

Dave’s Private label dog and cat foods including Dave’s exclusive restricted diet formulas – a restricted magnesium & phosphorous diet and a restricted protein & phosphorous diet for cats and a restricted protein & phosphorous diet for dogs.

Fussie Cat

Fussie Cat is produced in a FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Thailand that also produces canned food for human consumption to ensure a high quality product with stringent quality control.


Greenies dental treats and Pill Pockets for cats and dogs.

ID Tags

We have a huge selection of aluminum, brass and stainless steel ID tags that we can engrave while you wait!

Innova Pet Food

Innova dog and cat foods – Wholesome, Natural Nutrition from Farm-Grown Ingredients.

Merrick Food & Treats

Merrick makes treats (Wishbone Tendons, Twin Stuffed Hoofers, and G.I. Jerky Bones to name a few) gourmet dry and canned foods. Wingalings, Turducken, Grammy’s Pot Pie and Thanksgiving Dinner are some of the canned varieties, and best of all, ALL Merrick products are MADE IN THE USA!