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Southport,North Carolina

Special Orders are Welcome
If we don’t carry a product that you have used in the past, please contact us. This is a great way for us to learn about new products and we often have a vendor to get what you need.

Fussie Cat

Fussie Cat is produced in a FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Thailand that also produces canned food for human consumption to ensure a high quality product with stringent quality control.


Greenies dental treats and Pill PocketsĀ for cats and dogs.


Hi-Tek Naturals is a super premium dog food of the highest order that is modestly priced yet helps to ensure bright eyes and the healthy coat that is evidence of good nutritional health.  

Innova Pet Food

Innova dog and cat foods – Wholesome, Natural Nutrition from Farm-Grown Ingredients.


Kaytee makes premium pet bird and small animal foods.

Lafeber Bird Food

Lafeber products are the ideal base diet for pet birds because they are formulated to be nutritionally balanced.